Courses changes for current students (This section of our website is for our currents students latest trading and support sessions update):
New update:
System will continue to trade same as prior month for March 2017
System will continue to trade same as prior month for Feb. 2017
System will continue to trade same as prior month for Jan. 2017. Trading will start from night of 01-02-2017
School and office will be closed between Dec. 24th, 2016 till Jan. 3rd, 2017. System however continues to trade throughout this Holiday break. (Note) In past has shown during the break it is best not to trade and in most cased it is a going around circle situation.
We will continue to take trades at night till end of the month since the November of election year has high potential of making more money.
11-10-2016   If there are no 10 BEs prior to Over night trading then regular trading including double for 1st 4 1/2 hours.
11-9-2016  Before over night trading if there are 10 BEs, then no trades and if before last 45 min. of night trading Excessive Bes exceeding 60 then no trade in last 45 min as well. Otherwise trading will be normal. However, No double trading for first 4 1/2 hours at least for tonight.
11-01-2016 All trading for October 2016 remain same as September announcement. No changes.
07-14-2016 Randy now has 2nd permanent support sessions on Thursdays at 4:30 PM ET or 1:30 PM PT
 05-01-2016 System will trade Bulls eyes for day session between the hours of 10:00 AM- 10:20 AM ET (7:00 AM-7:20 AM PT) the setting will allow up to 60 min. for last trade to exit. This will be tried along with the first 4 1/2 hour of Over night for day session for May 2016.
05-01-2016 Day Trading:  Change on day trade  System till 2nd notice will not trade any of TW1 or 2. However day time trade will use some part of night trading for its trade. Between the hours of 7:30 PM PT to 12:00 AM PT system will take twice as much trades and 1/2 of these double volume trades will be used for day time. If there are 10 Bes prior to ON trade starts then no trade for Overnight all together including the day part, except for last 45 min. (5:45 AM PT- 6:29 AM PT). Using the 1st 4.5 hours of ON for day time will trade even if ON has reached 50% profit. In that case we will only trade 1 unit rather 2 for the day time purpose.
05-01-16  -We are resuming our month of April 2016 Over night trading assuming we do not have more 10 or more Bes prior to ON trading.
Once we reach 50% return in our overnight trading for the month we will only trade last 45 minutes of Over night trading. Effective as of 2-18-2016
Night trading: If there are 10 Bes prior to over night trading hours (22:30 PM-9:30 AM ET) then we will only trade last 45 min. of the over night trading (8:45- 9:29 AM ET). Otherwise trading will be normal all signals.
Support sessions:
Mr.. Shahrokh Lighvani:
Tuesdays at 9:00 PM ET or 6:00 PM Pacific PT
Wednesdays 4:30 PM ET or 1:30 PM PT
Mr.. Randy Billings:
Wednesday at 9:30 PM ET or 6:30 PM PT
Thursday  at 4:30 PM ET o 1:30 PM PT