1. What is Bulls Eye Traders System?


The Bulls Eye Traders System is an opportunity for anyone who is interested in learning successful trading in all conditions of the financial market and enjoys the benefit of making a possible daily income. Bulls Eye Traders System is the most unique and professional way of trading in the short-term financial market. It is a combination of coaching and successful dynamic programs that would allow students and investors to possibly achieve a high level of financial success daily.

Students and investors enjoy the opportunity to receive one-on-one coaching by one of the successful master trader in day trading. Franz Shoar, who has over 23 years of experience, specializing on short-term trading.

Why buy a business, sign long leases, keep inventory, spend money for advertising, or even be responsible for hiring and training staff when you can work smarter and be a professional trader? Using the Bulls Eye Traders system would allow students/investors to enjoy the freedom of working as little as two-to-three hours a day from the comfort of home or any location that provides reliable internet connection.
2. You have indicated in your home page that your company is the best night trading, How is that?
Trading is divided in 3 sessions.
1- Between the hour of 9:30 AM ET to 15:30 PM ET which is what we call day session.
 2- Between 18:00 PM ET to 22:30 ET Evening session.
 3- 22:30 PM ET to 9:30 AM ET. Night session.
#1 is our day session which is designed to find trends in the market. Usually 1 trade in the day(mostly right after open). Full Software and Automation system available and can be used while you are not in front of your computer.
# 2 is the evening session which is the least productive time and many of our traders use that time to rest and spend time with their family, However, if there are some important News out in the market, evening session could have many opportunities in it.
#3 is our night trading which in the last 9 years has had the most consistent trading results. It has been averaging about 45% per month. You can use Automation system to trade the night session signals while you are sleep.
3. Are you the broker?
Bulls Eye Traders is the educational company that provides live training and a live trading room on how to trade the E-Minis market. We are not the broker, charting service or trading platform provider, however we assist traders in setting up their charts, platform and brokerage account.
4. Is this a black box system or do I need to watch the live market?
You will be watching live charts and therefore Bulls Eye Traders is not a black box system. However, we do offer for convenience software that generates the signals and Automation system to trade the signals on basis of software generating them. Software and Automation can be purchased with the courses if you wish. From time to time we may need to adjust our software since market is dynamic. Any new updates will be sent to the owners of Software and Automation free of charge via e-mail. Bulls Eye Traders never stands still and is always moving with the market to ensure we pin point the best entry and exit points.

5. What are the requirements and qualifications to purchase the courses?


·          Understanding English is a must.

·          Have average intelligence and certain amount of money that can be invested by  student/investor later when they decide to trade live money*.

·          Basic understanding and knowledge of computer use. 

·          Reliable PC with high speed connection (DSL, Cable, T1, No dialup)

·          Windows  Vista or Window 7 and higher

·          Recommended: Dual Processor desktop PC with over 4 GB of RAM*
* if you are in market for new trading computer you may want to check tradingcomputers.com



6.  What is the risk factor using Bulls Eye Traders System?


The “Monthly return over investment” on our home page is a good indication of our overall monthly success and failure. Just like any other business, there is always inherent risk involved. It is recommended that students/investors not use borrowed money or money that would affect their everyday life.   



7.  Who trades for the students/investors?


Bulls Eye Traders system does not conduct any transaction or trade for anyone. Bulls Eye Traders System simply teaches, and Franz Shoar coaches students/investors where he thinks the market has a history of success and creates a high probability for traders to make money. Students/investors simply benefit by using tools and learning skills as to how to make successful trades on their own. Every student/investor is responsible for his/her account.    



8. How do you go from a student to a trader?


Once a student buy the Bulls Eye Traders course one of our staff will help him/her to open an account with a brokerage firm and the brokerage firm will provide the individual with a Dom or a platform to trade in simulation (Trade with fake money) until student understand the trading platform, necessary discipline that goes along with training and last but not least great understanding of Bulls Eye Traders method and system.



9. How long simulation training is needed?


It has been said that practice makes perfect. Knowing how to trade is essential in this business. It all depends on the effort and the prior market knowledge of the student. In our business you have to have the right training, Two months practice in simulation has shown to have better result of later trading real money with our students. Also, discipline and consistency is another factors in order to make money. The more time student invest in learning the tools of the trade and practice on simulation the more effective he/she will be with making successful trades with real money. However, we have had many traders that were able to trade with actual money after only a few short weeks, and have become very successful traders in a very short while.



10. What is the best way of trading after taking the simulation?


At the beginning we recommend "paper trade" (Fake money) only. Using paper trade, real time data and charts along with the trading platform (Students chooses the kind of platform to trade in) in simulation mode will give student invaluable experience and confidence without risking any real money.

Next we suggest that students only trade with one e-mini contract. This will get new students accustomed to placing live orders and increase their confidence level. Students should gradually increase the number of contracts only when they gain more experience. Lake of patience in this area can be a big mistake made by novice traders.

A good trader can earn as much or more than a good surgeon who devoted years to learning his or her profession. It would be unreasonable to expect to learn to trade for big profits in a few weeks if you are not willing to practice trade until you are profitable your chances for success will be significantly diminished unless you are an experienced trader. During this time, we recommend that you complete a minimum of 10 profitable days out of 15 using a real simulation account trading the live market before you trade with real money. Once trading real money you will be urged to trade only one contract, gradually increasing as you find success. We believe the slower steps that you take, the faster you will reach your goals.

11.  Is it really necessary to do the simulation trading until it shows profit?

Yes. Experience has shown that lack of profitably in simulation, had the same result in trades with real money. Simulated trading allows the trader to become completely comfortable with his/her trading platform and knowing how the trades work. The practice following the system properly is invaluable. The need for patience and discipline will be constantly emphasized in the room throughout the day. It is important to remember that the market is not going anywhere and rushing to trade without enough simulation trading would have a negative result.This is probably the biggest factor that has been separating success from failure.


12. What are the two courses that Bulls Eye Traders offer?

There are two courses offered by Bulls Eye Traders. Two of the courses that are offered are contrarian signals type. The Contrarian signals are the type that profit could be gained by market going in reverse for a short distance. The Contrarian signals have been tweaked over years in way that one filters the other and allows us to get a signal with high probability.  The Contrarian signals system is a very useful tool to get 15-16 days of good signals in 20 days of trading per month.
13. What Market do you trade in?

Once you have a great system that volatility is its power, then you need the instruments with most volatility and at the same time uses less initial investment and a limited defined risk through your designated stops (the level that you most want to lose). The market that would fit the right criteria is called S&P 500 e-minis. The e-minis (electronic-minis) are the most popular instruments for short term traders out there. The e-minis have been around about 13 years and it has been great remedy for those who have lost money in stock markets or any long term instruments. S&P 500 e-minis allow traders to go in and out of a trade few timed a day. Most trades will last only few minutes and the results are fast and you do not hold anything over night.



14. Is E-mini day trading a perfect business?


No business is perfect but it definitely has some good attributes:

· No employees.

· No equipment or inventory other than a computer.

· No leases or rent -- work from home.

· Short hours -- no weekends.

· No boss but you must boss yourself.

· Highly Liquid

· High Leverage

· No uptick rules, easy to short

· 100% electronic – no trading pits and brokers

· Sized for the individual investor

· Strong financial safeguards

· 60/40 short term tax advantage

· Monitoring one index instead of dozens of stocks

· Large potential profits.

· Small start up money plus very low monthly expenses.

· No holding over night



15. How Much Investment needed to trade your system?


Each student needs to pay for the tuition and to have certain amount of money and to be able to open an account with a brokerage firm in order to trade. Once students are done with simulation trading, they are encouraged to start trading with only 1 contract. Each contract costs are $500.00. Each student need to prove to themselves that they can trade with same discipline as they did when they were simulate trading. Once students have doubled the $500.00 they are expected to double 2 contracts ($1000.00).Then each student should set goals like knowing how much money they want to make per day and multiply that amount by 20. So let’s say if $1000.00 per day is the goal, then $40,000.00 is needed. We use only 12.5% of total account for each trade that we make. It is very rare and exceptional cases that we use 25 to 50% of money in certain trades. We train our students not to use more than 50% of account just in case the trade fails and trader does not want to lose their buying power. Trading with less money also involves less fear which makes the trade much more enjoyable.



16. Would I need minimum of $4000.00 to trade if I wanted to use 1/8 of my account?


Yes, but it is possible to use only $2000.00 and use 25% of the account which will be 1 contract.



17. What is it like during live market sessions?    


Franz Shoar, an experienced professional trader, will run the room or his very capable experienced assistants in his absent. As they call the signals, you will be taught the signals. They will quiz you many times during the day to make sure how you spot the signal correctly. Franz will also make sure that you are staying with your discipline and to stay in the trade correctly. Franz will help you to avoid what is known as shooting from the hip theory. Also, he will help you to deal with the fear and greed of the market once you are in the trade. Franz has been calling a similar room since December 2004. He will monitor the Bulls Eye system and call trades bell to bell. He will show you how to make smart buying and selling decision and how to avoid market traps. Franz Believes in quality trades and not quantity trades.



18. What is the difference between day trading E-minis, and day trading individual stocks?


E-minis are cutting-edge products designed for the active trader who wants to trade electronically, and likes to have maximum control with the highest profit potential. As more and more investors and traders learn about the e-mini indexes, they switch to short-term trading of the markets.  Instead of following a large number of individual stocks, constantly reviewing their charts, and keeping current with any news that may be come out of each stock, you need to only follow one market. This results in much less demand on your time after market hours. In addition, the high leverage available when trading futures allows excellent profits for a small move in the index as opposed to that available for small moves in individual stocks. One S&P contract, currently valued at about $75000, can be controlled for as little as $500, whereas the same amount of stock requires $37,500 at 100% margin.



19. What would a student receive by purchasing the Bulls Eye Trading System?



Student will receive:


·          Access to secured course site that members can watch the courses 24 hours a day and as many times as desired.

·          Access to attend trading room that runs 5 days a week Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM EST.

·          Access to special support session which is held 2-3 times a week in order to answer any questions that student may have on the courses.

·          Additional support sessions are available after a month for those students that may still have difficulties with understanding the course. These sessions are based on one on one case with our capable assistants.

·          6 Months access to attend our trading room and to receive mentorship from bell to bell.
Student will recive additional free month of trading room for free for every month that have doubled their account. 


In addition we believe that the real learning begins in the trading room where we call the trades and explains how to use the system in real time.  It is in this environment that the trader will become expert in applying the Bulls Eye systems, watching it at work day after day. Eventually the trader will be able to use the system alone.



20.  Does the market have to go up in order to make money?


No. That's the beauty of the e-mini. You can make money whether the price goes up or goes down. When you buy the e-mini, you obviously want the price to move up. But you can also just as easily first sell the e-mini and then you want prices to go down. This is called selling short. There are no wash rules for e-mini futures, and new rules on short selling stocks does not have any effect on the e-minis. As a matter of fact almost ½ of our gains are from shorting.



21.  Can Bulls Eye Trade System signals be traded part time?


Yes. Signals are generated throughout the day.  Most traders feel the best trades occur in the first two hours of the trading day, and last 2 hours of the day. Our best signals are usually between 8:45 AM EST to 11:00 AM EST making morning trading a good option. You will learn the signals so well, that you may even trade in after and before market opens. That is if the market is active in the stock earning seasons. it can be very rewarding to know the signals, to take advantage of some after market activities.



22.  What are the bases for Bulls Eye trading success?


Any trader who would like to become successful would need to do 5 things with this system:


1.       Learn to identify good signals

2.       Control fear

3.       Control greed

4.       Never get emotional

5.       Always be patient


These 5 sound easier than done, but with our training and practice and proper coaching this success formula can become 2nd nature to your training.



23.  What does “2010 Monthly Return over Investment” chart (the chart on the Bullseyetraders.com home page) mean?


The return % that gets posted is based on following every signal that is defined in our system trading. The signals are from the Bulls Eye Traders course and the Bandit  course which both courses have  great signals. 

Every month the account in example uses $20,000.00 in an over night trading and a $4000.00 account in day time and uses 12.5% of the account for each trade. Sometimes we may be in 2 or 3 signals at once, but each will have their own stops (loss limit) and limits (profit limits) and the total amount in all those trades cannot exceed 50% of the total account. “We do not use any winning proceed in the same month for adjusting our 12.5% amount”. Otherwise, we start everyday as though we only have $20k in the account.
24.  How many trading opportunity per day I expect to get?
There are multiple trading opportunities during the trading day however our goal is to provide you with a set of high probability trading signals. On average our high probability signals will provide you with over a dozen high probability trades throughout the trading day.
25.  Do you offer trials for non members in the Trading room?
No. Members are the only traders allowed access to the live trading rooms. However, you can attend thr free all day demos that you can find their schedules on the contact us section of this web site.
26. What is the minimum investment per trade?
Just $500.00 per trade in a $2000.00 to $4000.00 account.
27. What is the most I will lose on any given trade?
If you use a  2 point stop on all your trades the most you will lose on any trade is  $100 per contract, plus commission to the broker. This is only a guide and you always should check with your broker and be familiar with stop losses and how they work.
28. Is the program user friendly?
The education program is designed to accommodate all levels of trading experience, from complete novice to advanced level traders. You do not need to have trading experience to join and trade with Bulls Eye Traders.
29. How many hours per day do I need to trade?
We recommend you only trade 2 to 3 hours per day and mostly in the morning between 9:30 AM EST to 11:30 AM EST. This time frame each day will give you multiple trading opportunities for a possible 5% to 10% return. You are welcome to trade whatever hours you wish as our trading room is open bell to bell every day.
30. Do you help me set up my trading account, charts and execution platform?
Yes we have videos to walk you through step by step the process of how to set up your
trading account, charts and trading platform.
31. What is the next step? How can I get more information?
We recommend that you join us online for a free online LIVE MARKET Trading Session, and see for yourself how so many successful traders have learned how to profit whether the market is moving up or down.

You’ll experience how easy it is to take advantage of the daily volatility, liquidity and leverage of the E-mini markets, so you can achieve long-term success with short-term trading. You will be interacting every day with seasoned trading instructors that give you the real-time mentoring and the experienced education on what the pros use to trade.

They demonstrate the step-by-step process in clear, concise terms, mixed in with analogies and examples so it makes crystal clear sense. Students gain the correct mindset and money management techniques for trading no matter what their trading experience level is.

Sign up now for one of the upcoming FREE online Live Market Trading Sessions to check it out for yourself. Become an expert by following the experts.

The LIVE market session is held via web conference and is entirely interactive. The founder and developer of Bulls eye Traders, Franz Shoar, will personally walk you through the trading method and answer any questions. Register today and take the next step towards success! Free Trial
* Student must understand that Bulls eye traders is a teaching co. that teaches about day trading in future market and they are not an advisors and student can trade their own money with their own discretionary investment. Please make sure to read the disclosure below.


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The risk of loss in trading futures and options index can be substantial, is speculative, involves a high degree of risk and is suitable only for persons who can assume the risk of loss in excess of their margin deposits. You should therefore carefully consider whether such trading is suitable in light of your financial condition, investment experience, trading objectives, financial resources, and other relevant circumstances. You may sustain a total loss of funds and any additional funds that you deposit with your broker to maintain a position in the foreign exchange market. Any past performance is no guarantee of future results. Simulated performance results also have certain limitations unlike actual performance records simulated results do not represent actual trading.  No representation can or is being made that any trading system will, or is likely, to achieve profits or losses similar to those shown in this simulated performance record.  Any performance information provided to you has been prepared solely for informational purposes and is not a solicitation, or an offer to buy or sell any foreign exchange (forex) instruments or securities.  Any performance figures have been calculated in a manner which we believe to be reasonable.